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final reflection/ portfolio

End of semester reflection In this last half of the semester I have seen my writing greatly improve from the first half. I can credit my improvement to things like Check, Please! Starter courses. I give the Check, Please! Assignments credit because they taught me many things. Some of the things they taught me were…

The Facebook Whistleblower and the possible downfall of Facebook

We live in a world where key moments of our lives are posted on social media. People share cool photos of places they have been or pictures of the new shoes they got or some new clothes they just got. The problems that arise with this is what people think about it. Some people see…

First semester reflection

Reflecting on the first half of this semester I gained a lot of experience with writing. I was exposed to great resources I can use to improve my writing. I was exposed to different methods that help when writing papers. Some of these things were: the Check, Please! Assignments, articles that were read and discussed…

The Teal Sharpie

One of my earliest memories of writing a paper or an essay goes back to fifth grade. Going into writing it I thought nothing of it besides doing what I need to do. There was my mistake. After I had typed out my essay and turned it in and then it was time for my teacher to grade it. When she went to grade she pulled me aside from the rest of the class to talk to me about my essay. It turns out the only thing I did correct was the topic on what I was supposed to write about. Two things out of the many things I did wrong were not having my I’s capitalized and not having my paper in the correct format. I vividly remember my teacher marking my nicely printed out paper in teal sharpie telling me I did all these things wrong. That’s where I would say my disliking of writing came from, having a piece of work that you worked on just to be told it was all wrong. To this day I don’t like writing papers/essays, In fact it is to the point where I would call it hatred. I would say only in the last four years did I write a paper that was good and took me no time at all to write. That paper was for my business law class my senior year of high school. The prompt was about myself so as you could imagine it was pretty easy. 

I would say the part I struggle with the most in writing is breaking it down. For example, this paper is sort of like free writing so I don’t need to break it down and have supporting details. All that matters is that I don’t have errors and I write what I am instructed to write. To put all that I wrote in one sentence… Writing and I have a very complicated relationship with one another  that goes back to the fifth grade. I say all that but in writing more over the years, I have improved my skills such as being able to break down a prompt and understand what it’s asking me to do and come up with structure for my paper. Needless to say, as much as I hate writing, it has taught me some good lessons. 

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